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New Items Added
To Fencing Section.

05/10/01 -- We have added a couple new items to the Fencing Section recently and decided it was time to let you know a little bit about them.

In Jackets and Knickers:
NEW: Negrini FIE uniform!. Great comfort and fit with Italian flair! These uniforms are made with a light somewhat elastic (stretchier than the Uhlmann World-Cup design) fabric with an absorbent terry-cloth lining inside the front of the jacket for extra comfort.  You have seen these uniforms in action on Olympic and World Champions like Trellini and Vezzali of Italy Worn by the best and now available in America!

In Blades
NEW: Leon Paul FIE foil blades:  Light and surprisingly durable blades with the flexability that you have come to expect from Leon Paul. (107FNBM unwired, 107FBM wired with french point parts)

Matthew Porter,

Le Grand Fromage


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