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Tom Rockwell's hand-made Italian hilt pieces and more, exclusively at AFS!

06/24/05 -- AFS is proud to offer Tom Rockwell's hand-made hilt pieces as the center-piece of their new classical fencing line!

Tom Rockwell, the talented designer and machinist known for his meticulous false-ricassos, Italian hilts and weighty French style pommels, has selected AFS as his exclusive distributor.

Tom's work is well known and respected in the Classical Fencing community and has filled a void created by the lack of true-ricasso Italian style foil and epee blades. Tom's false ricassos (#305) allow those with Italian hilts to use French style blades and his false-ricassos with quillions (#305Q) and grips and pommels (#306G and #337) allow people with French foils to convert their foils to an Italian style weapon.

AFS will offer complete Italian false-ricasso weapons (#10 foil, #49, epee) using Tom's hand-made parts with AFS's guards and blades for those who want to use a traditional Italian weapon.


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Happy hitting!

Dr. I. Yeti,

AFS Laboratories


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