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New FREE Eigertek Upgrade!
The Doha Chip has arrived!

The FIE at its conference in Doha, Qatar, finally addressed some technical details while ignoring others. The new “Doha” chip has the new technical changes (officially making the debounce time for both “on” and “off-target” hits in foil the same, and officially keeping the shorter lockout time in both foil and sabre, and leaving epee untouched. 

In addition to the official changes, the new Eigertek chip has a new feature that allows more direct thrusts to score while still maintaining the new FIE timings. Different manufacturers have different ways of doing this (i.e., Favero machines allow “microbreaks” during the contact to be ignored up to a certain duration) but the FIE will not address the methods that the individual companies use to make their capricious changes more “fencer-friendly”. 

The new chip has the following:


  • Complies with all current FIE regulations
  • Dramatically reduces the number of non-registering touches in foil
  • Reprogrammable by Eigertek to accommodate future changes by the FIE
  • When set to FIE foil, the blue indicator light pulses
  • New power-on routine provides an easy way to confirm that the Doha chip is installed
  • FREE to all Eigertek customers upon registration through American Fencers Supply (good through December 31, 2006)

If you are going to be at Summer Nationals in Atlanta, just stop by the American Fencers booth to pick up your free upgrade chip. While you are there, please fill out a registration form so that Eigertek can contact you directly in the event of a new change by the FIE. They will keep all information provided strictly confidential and will not give or sell the info to any third party.

Lastly, if you are receiving your chip(s) via mail order, we will now be charging $5.00 postage to send you the new chip (however many you need). If you are already ordering something from us, we will include the chip(s) in your shipment at no additional cost.

Additonal information and details are on the Eigertek site.


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Happy hitting!

Dr. I. Yeti,

AFS Laboratories


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