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New Standard Electric Foil Points
As Of 08/01/2002

08/01/02 -- As of August 1st, we have changed our standard points on our electric foils from HPC to Sport-7. We have been using a mix of Sport-7 and HPC parts for over a year as our standard point complete (Sport-7 red wires and springs, HPC barrels, tips, and screws).

After scrutinizing and testing the Sport-7 point complete, we have found it to be superior in both durability and smoothness in action. Uhlmann point fans should take a serious look at the Sport-7 points.

What does this mean if you have HPC parts and how can I tell what is which?

The HPC French tips have a white plastic sleeve on the narrow part that goes into the barrel. The Sport-7 are all metal and look very much like an Uhlmann tip, except the collar has screw-holes like a French tip. The HPC screws are narrower than the Sport-7 screws, but that is hard to see without having them side-by-side.

The Sport-7 parts are almost all interchangeable with the HPC parts. The difference is that the HPC screws will not work in the Sport-7 tips and vice versa (HPC are too narrow). Other than that, you can mix the tips, barrels, wires, and springs with no problems.

We will continue to support HPC users by stocking the parts. If you have unused HPC tips or screws that you would like to exchange, just send them back to us with the name that they were purchased under and we will swap them for Sport-7 parts.

Happy hitting!

Dr. I. Yeti,

AFS Laboratories


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